Information for Older People

 Information for Older People 

title-bubbleSilverlinks aims to provide older people with information about Housing, Care & Related Finance in Later Life.

We have developed a new “teach yourself” booklet  which you can work through online in your own time.    It  will help you to understand what housing & care options may be available to you in later life, and include practical activities and checklists for people who want to start thinking ahead.

Click here to see the workbook.

or  click here  to download a print-friendly version which you can print and read through.

Sharing Experiences  

Sharing experiences of staying put or moving home  to help others reach a decision that’s right for them is a vital part of the work that the Silverlinks carries out.

These short films are about older people’s own experience of either moving or staying put


Glyn Davies talking about his experiences of moving from Silverlinks on Vimeo.

The short film, “Your Home is Your Castle” shows two stories of older people who have made changes in their home to help them remain living independently in their homes.

Your Home Is Your Castle from Lorna Easterbrook on Vimeo.


 More information 

Further self training modules about Housing & Care Options in later life are available to download  from the First Stop website – the modules cover living safely at home; housing choices; income in retirement and housing equity.

You can click here and select the module you want to look at.

You can also download information about living with long term conditions and changes you can make to your home and living situation to make living with these conditions more manageable.   They cover macular disease, heart disease, stroke, respiratory diseases, arthritis and dementia.

You can click here and select the module you are interested in.

EAC First Stop have an advice line for older people, carers and families to help older people get the help or are they need to live as independently and as comfortably as possible. For advice on living well and safely at home, you can contact the EAC First Stop advice line and talk to an advisor on 0800 377 7070 or  visit:

Care Act 

Click here  for a guide to the Care Act  and the changes to how your care is paid for which come into effect from April 2015 and 2016.   This guide, published by Care & Repair England,  is an overview of the main points to consider when thinking about your future housing & care and not a full explanation of all of the changes.  As the legislation is complex, we strongly advise that you take independent, specialist advice from First Stop, Age UK or Independent Age (contact details are in the guide).

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