Silverlinks Cornwall update: “A Day in the Life” event

It has been a busy few months for the Silverlinks Cornwall project with a variety of tasks undertaken in the run up to our recent event.

It has taken Ann and I some months to organise our Disability Awareness ‘A Day In The

Here is Phil Best one of our Housing Solutions Officers & Muriel Hewitt (right) one of our Silverlinks volunteers manning the home solutions stall and offering advice about the services Home Solutions offer.

Life’ event which was aimed specifically at able bodied people to raise awareness of different disabilities. We wanted to organise an event where able bodied individuals could experience what it was like to have a disability with demonstration stalls from Hearing Loss Cornwall, ISight Cornwall, Cornwall Mobility Centre and Express Stairlifts all bringing along fantastic resources to add to the experience.

Cornwall Mobility Centre’s (CMC) stall had a selection of their bestselling aids that offer a range of assistance for independent living that can be used in the home or out in the community. CMC also had a powered wheelchair on display for people to trial out; Ann and I had set up an obstacle course so people could learn how to manoeuvre around in the powered wheelchair.

Express Stair lifts had a portable demonstration stair lift that they brought along so people could see how the stair lift works and to ‘myth bust’ so common

Here we have Express stair lift’s advising of different options available and offering a demonstration on their display model.

questions; many people assume a stair lift is fitted to the wall however stair lift rails are actually anchored to the surface of the stairs and is not attached to the wall at all.

Isight Cornwall’s stall had a wide variety of products on display and for people to trial. They also brought along visual impairment glasses which mimic different impairments for instances; cataracts, peripheral vision and tunnel vision to mention a few.

The organisations specifically mentioned above were not our only stall holders offering information, advice and demonstration products on the day, a full list of stall holders and links to their website’s can be found at the end of this blog entry.

Here Julie Sellars from the Royal British Legion is experiencing what it is like to use a powered wheelchair and trialling out the obstacle course

The event was a success and we received some fantastic feedback about the event and services that stall holders were offering across the county; many people commented (including professionals) that they felt more informed about a variety of options and services available to them that they previously knew nothing about.

Ann & I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all of our stall holders for attending on the day and a thank you is also owed to the members of the public and professionals that came along on the day.

Full list of stall holders who attended the Disability Awareness Day:

Here is a picture of a selection of our stall holders

Cornwall Mobility Centre:

Hearing Loss Cornwall:

I Sight Cornwall:

Express Stair Lifts:

Cornwall Home Solutions:

Age UK:

Cornwall Dementia Partnership:

Cornwall Housing Independent Living Service:

Volunteer Cornwall:

Royal Voluntary Service:

South West Water:

Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change:

Kernow Carers Service:

Wiltshire Farm Foods:

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