Online volunteers supporting others

Ellie is 82 and a peer support volunteer for MRS Independent Living, volunteering for the Silverlinks project in Hackney. She has been supported to learn how to use the internet on a tablet, and is now taking the tablet and her knowledge out into the local community to support other older people with using the internet to find information.


Many older people do not use the internet, and are increasingly having trouble keeping their knowledge of housing & social care options and services up to date.  Older people are increasingly excluded as more and more services are delivered online.  This project aims to teach people how to use the internet to access services and find information and advice online.

To date, ten volunteers in Hackney have been trained use the internet to find informaiton about housing & care and will now be passing this  knowledge on to others, with each volunteer committing to helping at least another three people.

Ellie gave a talk at a recent event held by MRS in Hackney aimed at older people wanting to find out more information about housing & care options in the area, where she shared her experience of using the internet to find information & advice.

She talked about a couple of websites she’s found which have been very useful such as Hackney iCare, which has a lot of information and advice with regard to grants, sheltered housing, home adaptations, help at home and information on how to  access these services.


Volunteers like Ellie are now helping others to access information on housing & care on the website – Ellie says: “I found searching on the internet has been very fascinating indeed… I hope I’ve shown the extent of information one can get online and how useful using the internet can be”.

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