Silverlinks launches new Housing, Care & Related Finance “teach yourself” booklet

title-bubbleSilverlinks has developed a new “teach yourself” booklet which is now available to use.

“Thinking Ahead: Housing, Care & Related Finance in Later Life” covers different aspects of making decisions about housing & care, to help people reach informed decisions that are right for them.   Importantly, it also gives details of where to go for further information, advice and practical support.   It will also be of use to families and carers.

Click here to view the workbook – you can work through it in your own time or just choose the sections that you are most interested in.

If you prefer to print the booklet and read it, you can download  a print-friendly version  by clicking here.

You can also find other useful sources of information on the “Information for Older People” page.

If you are part of an older person’s group and would like to arrange for a talk or workshop on Housing, Care & Related Finance in Later Life, please contact Sarah Vernau,  or 0115 950 6500.

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