Workshops and talks round-up

Since the start of April 2015 Silverlinks has reached 2,564 older people through our Pass it On and Thinking Ahead workshops and information sessions.    These are workshops, talks and talks delivered by our volunteers.

Our “cascade” model means that all those that come to a talk or workshop pass on information to others – their friends, neighbours and people at groups.

The workshops usually take part at existing groups’ meetings – such as local older people’spre retirement 1 forums, but can also be run as a separate workshop or as part of an event or open day.

At these sessions, older people are able to learn about the different housing, care & related finance options available to them – such as adaptations in their home to enable them to stay living independently in their home for longer, and the different types of housing available if they choose to move in later life.

A lady who came to one of talks said:  “I came to the seminar with very little knowledge but a personal issue. I feel I now have some up to date information to share”

Many people mistakenly believe that their only options are to “struggle on” at home or to move to a care home – but there are many options for most people (these will depend on a Liz Pre ret groupnumber of factors – personal choice, tenure, location and finances).  Silverlinks aims to give people the knowledge about what their options might be and where they can go for further information and practical support.

Another attendee of one of the Pass it On workshops said: “I think it is vital for people to have this information and if I need any help in the future I know where to go now”

As well as the talks, some of our volunteers also share their own particular experience with individuals and groups.  Here’s one of our volunteers, Glynn, telling a group about his experience of downsizing:

Glyn Davies talking about his experiences of moving from Silverlinks on Vimeo.

If you’d like to arrange a workshop for your group, please contact us on 0115 950 6500 or

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