Silverlinks “made me feel more positive about my options”

Here’s a really positive story from the Silverlinks team in the West of England, about how talking to a volunteer about your available options can really help:

One of our volunteers met with a 66 year old client who has an ongoing disability, who had been along to one of our ‘Thinking Ahead’ information sessions.  The client is due to have in-depth advice from a West of England Care & Repair Housing Options caseworker  to look at the options about possibly finding a property which is more appropriate for their needs .  The client also needs to bring the current property up to a decent standard as there is some damp and mould damage which needs to be addressed, whether or not they stay put or move home.  The client was keen to talk to someone who has used WE Care & Repair’s housing options service and who lives in sheltered accommodation as this is something that they may consider for the future.  The volunteer spent an hour chatting with the client.

Following this meeting with the volunteer, the client said, “Meeting with the volunteer face to face,  made me feel more positive about my options.  It was really helpful.  The volunteer was really nice and didn’t put any pressure on me and let me meet in a place that I felt comfortable with.  I also felt more positive about meeting the housing options caseworker specialist at WE Care &  Repair.  I haven’t decided yet whether to move or not but now I feel better about the possibility of making  a decision in the future.”

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