Volunteer Stories

Today we hear from Pat in Leeds, who recently downsized and has now become a Silverlinks volunteer:

Our new volunteer, Pat

“When I started Family History little did I know that it would lead to me selling up and downsizing to a sheltered housing complex in another much nicer area. Two family incidents happened last year that got me thinking about my situation and  how I would manage in my back to back house with the steep stairs and steps up to the front door. Also the area had changed and I had no nice neighbours and felt isolated. Holbeck  Elderly Aid run the Family History course and talking to them lead me to Silverlinks and Barbara Bailey.  After catching up with Barbara she introduced me to one of her volunteers and we had a long chat including lunch and she gave me some insight on how to move forward. I had been on the council list for years but had reached enough points to be offered a flat i.e. age!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I realised I wanted to stay in South Leeds so bid for those and also put my name down on Anchor who sent me a list in a 12 mile radius and arranged with the managers to have a look round them. I got my house valued so had an idea how much money I would end up with so I knew I couldn’t buy a bungalow so renting was my option. When I was offered Rothwell I knew as soon as I saw it that was the one for me. I kept in touch with Barbara and invited her round to see my flat and agreed to become a volunteer for her. She has a knack of matching people up with the volunteer and I have met some lovely people listened to their stories and shared mine so they have the knowledge to make the right decision at the right time for them. I’ve had some lovely feed back which makes it worthwhile what I’m doing. ” 

If you or somebody you know is considering your current living situation and would like to talk to somebody who has been through something similar, you can talk to one of our volunteers.  Please see the “Get Involved” tab at the top of this page for the Silverlinks project in your area (Leeds, West of England, Northumberland and Nottinghamshire).

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