Latest “Thinking Ahead ” workshop feedback

Here’s some feedback from Judy and Lois at West of England Care & Repair, about their latest Thinking Ahead workshop.  The workshop aims to get people thinking ahead about their housing and how their needs might change in future – how they can make sure their housing still meets their needs.   It also covers what other housing options are available, and importantly where to go for advice about housing and support.  The workshop concluded with a tour of the Waterloo Centre, demonstrating various adaptations and equipment that are available to enable older people to remain independent in their homes.

“On 21st July, we held another Thinking Ahead –  housing options in later life session.  It was the liveliest session so far with a very keen an interested group of people who joined in with some of the discussions.

For the first time we had a group of which most said that having access to WIFI would be an important consideration in where they live in later life.  This was mistaken by one participant who heard this as having “no wife” !  We talked about how, in order to apply for HomeChoice (council or housing association properties) that applications have to be done online. There was also a discussion about how IT and technology will be more and more a part of everyone’s daily lives.    Various participants said they would like a robot to do the housework and make meals etc. and some wackier ideas about how assistive technology may be able to help them in the future to lead independent lives.

14 people attended ranging in age from those in their 50s to those in their 80s. We had a lot of very positive feedback from them about the session.  Comments included: “very informative” and “ a most informative and enjoyable afternoon”, “It made me start to think ahead now for myself and for older people in my family”, “Thanks for a very informative session about the various options for my future and also to be shown around your showroom”. “Very interesting”.”

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