Silverlinks activity update


Earlier this month, Silverlinks in Manchester ran another “Housing and Care Options in Later Life”  training session – this time to The Phoenix Club, a well established community group that has been going for 15 years at St Andrews Church, Blackley.  Karen delivered the training to 18 attendees.

Betty who facilitates the group said “A very big thank you to Karen for her very informative talk.  I am sure our members will be so pleased they attended today for they all seem to be going away armed with leaflets that explain such a lot that our age group needs to be aware of.  Thank you again Care & Repair – such a valuable service”.

Comments from members of the group who attended showed that they found it a useful tool for learning about their different options, and included:  “it has made me feel quite confident in planning for my future housing and care.”

Phoenix Club members at the Manchester training session

Phoenix Club members at the Manchester training session

“certainly makes people think about future needs made me aware of options available.”

“I have learnt lots of things I did not know before.”

“Very informative – hope I don’t lose the leaflets and that I don’t need them for a long time”




In Leeds, our volunteers continue to be active and like many of our older volunteers, are

Silverlinks volunteer Trude

Silverlinks volunteer Trude

involved in other campaigns, organisations and projects which aim to support older people.  One of our Silverlinks volunteers Trude, is also very active in Leeds Involving People and Leeds Older Peoples Forum.  Trude has written a guest blog for “Better Lives”, Leeds Adult Social Care blog for International Day of Older People,  about what she feels are the key issues for older people in Leeds.  You can read Trude’s blog here:


Our latest pre-retirement training was held at Bristol’s Waterloo Centre, on 5th October. The training provided information about  housing options for people as they prepare to retire, and how they can repair and adapt their own home to make sure it continues to suit their needs.  One attendees commented that it had helped her think about her future needs, adding : “ I will first seek adaptations, rather than moving at present”; another lady stated that it “gave me a wide view of possible options” .

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