Silverlinks training helps older people prepare for the future

On 13th March, we held another “Housing and Care Options in Later Life” information and training session, this time held in central Manchester at the National Football Museum.


Karen delivering the "Housing and Care Options in Later Life" training. Photo by P Cavanagh

Karen delivering the “Housing and Care Options in Later Life” training.
Photo by P Cavanagh

Karen, who delivers the Silverlinks project at Manchester Care and Repair, delivered a really interesting and well received training session to 34 older people.  We also had a couple of older volunteers taking photographs on the day for our blog!

Karen covered a number of topics, including what our housing options may be as we get older; what to think about if you are thinking of moving home; services available to you if you decide to stay put; care options, and much, much more!   The attendees also took home lots of detailed information that they can refer to in the future, and were given contacts for other organisations that can help if they need any more support or information. 

Photo by P Cavanagh

Photo by P Cavanagh

We asked people about how much they knew about planning for their future housing needs, and if they knew where to go for advice and information.   At the beginning of the session, just over a third of the participants (36%) said they knew where to get information.  After the session, 92% said the same!  The session helped people to start thinking about their future, and whilst 33% of participants said they had not really begun to think about their future housing needs before today, after the training session only 11%  of them said this – Karen’s information session has clearly provided some food for thought.  

The aim of this session is to provide people with information about their options and available support, so that they can start thinking about their future housing and care early, to avoid making any snap decisions that might turn out to be a mistake.   One of the participants said:

“having moved house 6 months ago at the age of 70, I wish I had had this information to hand then.  I may now be living a happier life”

Photo by P Cavanagh

Photo by P Cavanagh

We also want our participants to spread the word, and all of the people at the training will now pass on what they have learned to friends, neighbours and family, to get them thinking about their housing needs. 

“Good chance to gather information for cascade talking with other elderly people. Family, friends, neighbours and community events, church gatherings, information to be helpful if the need arise.  We never know when our needs may change, with health, money worries and housing all catered for today.  Thank you Karen, it was very helpful”

Photo by D Watt

Photo by D Watt

The National Football Museum very kindly allowed us to use their training room for free.  Most people arrived early and managed a quick look around the museum before the training session, and those who didn’t were able to have a tour and talk about the museum and the community projects that they run, after the training.   You can find out more about the National Football Museum at

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