Meet our new Manchester volunteer

Today we meet the latest of our peer support volunteers in Manchester.    She’ll be helping other people who are facing times of crisis and sharing with them the benefit of her own experience.  In 1986 Roz was a home owner of  a 3 bed semi in Crumpsall where she lived with her two daughters, five cats and 3 dogs for 13 years.  Following a stay in hospital, doctors advised that her home would not be practical to return to as she was now a wheelchair user.

Roz was in a state of despair, she has two daughters, one of which lives with a learning and physical disability and she knew she had to find somewhere to live that was in the same area to be close to both her daughters.  It was a very difficult time as one minute she was happy in her house and the next she had to move.  Her other dilemma was her pets which she had to find new homes for. 

RosRoz explains  “If I hadn’t had the support of my daughter I just wouldn’t have known where to start to look for somewhere to live.”  This is my main reason why I want to volunteer for Silverlinks.  If I can be of any help to anyone who is going through the same dilemma, I would be only too glad to assist.

For the past 14 years Roz has lived Springbank Court supported housing in Crumpsall that is run by Adactus Housing Association, where she is happy.

Roz continues  “ it is a very stressing and upsetting time when you have to move from your home through ill-health and not by choice, it certainly turns your life around”.  I welcome the Silverlinks project and think this is a very good idea to give people an informed choice of their future.

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